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The ImfluaXion Story


The ImfluaXion Story began when I decided to get remarried at 38 to a military officer. I was expected to meet the new responsibilities that came with marrying into the military, yet I was already in my second season. I had been married, had three children, and owned a business. I Had a career and now I was told my priority is to depend on this new relationship. I was infuriated. Everyone was happy for me, yet all I ever wanted was my own identity. I wanted to explore who Anika was. Not a single mom, a wife, a daughter, a spouse, a therapist a coach, or a podcaster, but who is the woman behind the mask. Women of Impact Conference Series emerged. It emerged out of desperation to hold on to the remnants of my old identity while launching into a new season of growth, possibilities, and extreme discomfort. 


I decided that I was not the only woman embarking on the journey of self-discovery. So I created the conference tour. Why a tour you may ask. I am now a military spouse and have no idea where I will live in ten months. In addition to my location, I saw other women in my circle that had the same struggle and they were moving too. So Montgomery, Atlanta, Houston, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Tallahassee were the first scheduled stops. The theme of the first conference was “Identity”. I brought women together from around the world to share their stories, businesses, and passions with other like-minded women aspiring to build successful businesses. We had no idea just how much we needed each other. It was more than a conference, it was a convergence. My life was full of disarray yet women needed to feel kinship, sisterhood, acceptance, appreciation, and most of all, a sense of belonging. Now that I’ve created a network of lifelong friends, it’s time to take the tour to Atlanta.


Two months before the Atlanta conference, a woman contacted me to tell me that she trademarked Women of Impact. I did my research and could not find the record (do your due diligence in your business). I asked God to give me a name. What exactly was the conference about? Changing the World One Woman At A Time but it is a movement. It’s an opportunity for women of impact and influence to take action in their lives, communities, and businesses. It’s a leadership conference, a business conference, and a network of women who become sisters, who serve as accountability partners, coach and consult each other, refer clients, podcasts, services and connect in crisis to provide unconditional support. 


'Women of ImfluaXion' was born. In February 2020, we arrived in Atlanta, only to find that it was snowing and people in Georgia aren't the best at driving in the snow. When women get together, the universe tries to avoid the convergence at all costs but our EMCEE Trasetta Alexander told the women, “I won’t back down, I’ll make it happen, cause’ I’m a woman of ImfluaXion. Over 100 women, 2 panels, 50 vendors, authors, and artists did it again. We discussed women’s health and wellness, executive leadership, cash flow, spirituality, and more. 


No matter who you are, what stage of life or business you are in, you deserve to soar among a community of women like you. Women committed to living abundantly. You are a woman of ImfluaXion. 


As a woman who has overcome challenges to share my voice, victories, and vision with the world, I believe that every woman deserves to be validated, vindicated, and victorious in life, business and relationships. At ImfluaXion we are committed to building better leaders to serve others with confidence, courage and conviction as the dominating force she is created to be. She is victorious already! 

Meet The Team
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Anika Wilson

Founder & CEO

Anika Wilson is a serial entrepreneur, proud active duty military spouse, CEO, Speaker, Trainer, and Psychologist. Anika is the host of Your voice; Your Power with Anika podcast, the Founder of the ImfluaXion Conference Series, and the Creator of the Infinite Women's Network. Anika believes that every woman has the capability to succeed beyond measure. Women are equipped to lead us into the brightest futures we all deserve. Anika will present on the Responsibility of Leadership as business owners, pioneers, and women of ImfluaXion.


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