Mind Your Business

• Being a successful business owner is more than providing a service or product. 
• A successful business owner is one that can lead with a servant heart and carry the vision to sustainability. 
• Leadership is the key component needed to be an effective business owner because leadership comes with many other skills, such as effective communication, problem-solving, organization, and influence. 
• This training will provide guidance on how to identify your personal and organizational leadership skills, establish work/life balance, and how to turn your talent into profit.

Winning Word With Assertive Communication

Learn how to communicate as a powerful women without offense, defense and recourse. Learn effective communication strategies for achieving your goals, communicating your message and dominating as a woman of imfluaxion.

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Journey to the Best You

Self Discovery Journey to be the Best Version of You

Dream, Believe, Achieve

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Unlocking the Author Within You

Unlock your potential to write, publish and launch your book. Identify clear goals, develop a time management plan to foster success.

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Elevating Your Legacy

Learn how to accelerate growth by tapping into authenticity, alignment and commitment to your mission. Leverage Your expertise for external Influence.

Achieve breakthroughs through embodiment. 

Small Strokes
Brain and Business Mindset

Brain and the Business Mindset

Accountability versus Responsibility

Group Activity

How to Ignite Her F.I.R.E

• Tools every female leader needs to Ignite Her FIRE!

• Embracing Her Femininity

• Discover/Develop Her Impact

• Tape into Her Riches

• To CreateHer Extraordinary Life

The Magic of Starting Over

• Bouncing back from failure

• Increasing self-esteem

• Overcoming negative self-talk

• Setting goals

Own Your Narrative

We all have a story, but some of us are too shy to share. Or feel that our story isn't interesting enough. During this session, we will shake up your narrative and turn it into a Magic Lasso of prowess. You will leave this workshop with a personal/brand narrative that will win over new customers, potential investors, and colleagues.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities 

• 6 assets you have to lean on 
• What's the job of a leader
• Characteristics of a good leader
• 7 tips to being a GREAT leader

What Our Clients Say


Yuliana Contreras, RN, CEO

I had heard of the conference and saw all the time, work, and energy that was put in to the conference , but had no idea what to expect as I’d never been to a conference before or anything like it. It changes the stereotype or makes it so much more real than anyone, can do what they want if they truly put their mind to it, regardless of inevitable challenges that will come.