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Atlanta, Georgia was an experience of a lifetime. Our EMCEE Trasetta Alexander facilitated an experience for women to stand up, take action and lead with authority just in time for the pandemic. Legacy builders don't back down, we make it happen, because we are women of Im-flu-aXion!

Author Joyce Jennings with President of Georgia NOW

Women in Leadership

Joyce and Triana are both decorated veterans who served our country in the Armed Forces. These women have committed their lives to leading women through eduction, advocacy and public service. 


TBI & A Mom That Won't Quit


Twylia Reid

Twylia Reid is an Author, and a mother of an injured child, resulting in Traumatic Brain Injury. Twylia has blazed a trail of education, advocacy and empowerment for those faced with health challenges and life's tests. She shared her story and work in Montgomery, Alabama.


Authors Roundtable

The Author's Roundtable afforded guests an opportunity to hear the steps, challenges and stories behind the books authored by our speakers. Women were able to ask questions, obtain solutions and book sessions with the coaches by request. 

Featuring Twylia Reid, Monique Pettaway, Lakeisha Hankins, Dylles Victoria, and Sobriyia Rucker.