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Atlanta, Georgia was an experience of a lifetime. Our EMCEE Trasetta Alexander facilitated an experience for women to stand up, take action and lead with authority just in time for the pandemic. Legacy builders don't back down, we make it happen, because we are women of Im-flu-aXion!

Author Joyce Jennings with President of Georgia NOW

Women in Leadership

Joyce and Triana are both decorated veterans who served our country in the Armed Forces. These women have committed their lives to leading women through eduction, advocacy and public service. 


WNBA Atlanta Dream


Shenika Worthy

Shenika Worthy shared the importance of women in leadership, especially as female athletes in competitive arenas. The parallel between women in business and women in sports is astounding. The common thread is support, mentorship, and collaboration. 


Lifelong Sisterhood

She Means Business, but who said you can't work hard and have fun simultaneously. Women of ImfluaXion are dedicated women of excellence but we have the most fun while changing the world one woman at a time. Who can resist the smiles of Desiree Cocrost and Beverly Heath.